Hollinwood Cemetery

Safety among the living and the dead, protected from the undead...

Command Center

Hello, weary travelers! You've found our little oasis in the apocalyptic wasteland. We're surviving day by day, growing stronger constantly, and slowly taking back this world from the zombie threat. Come inside and stay a while. There's hot food, safe shelter, interesting conversation, and weapons... lots of weapons.

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Tiny Teaspoon

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Cassentra Poster

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The Rules v1.00002

Posted by Nic Saunders on June 4, 2012 at 10:25 PM Comments comments (0)

The rules are a transient list of "dos" and "do nots" that have been passed down verbally since the dawn of the zombie plague. They cover many ground rules and group preferences that all Hollinwood members should strive to follow at all times. However, not until now has the list been transcribed for others to see and witness. Here is the list as posited one recent afternoon by several house members:


1) If you see a member whose name starts with G and rhymes with "hooch", ignore him. He's evil.

2) Ruth and Sharona are OJ's and he doesn't share well.

3) Keep your guns locked up unless you want Magnum to "do stuff" to them.

4) Kadie's swing can only be borrowed by appointment, and must be cleaned thoroughly with finished with. Certain "peeps" are excepted from this rule.

5) Should you find yourself locked in the basement, hum "Funky Cold Medina"and everything will be okay.

6) Hook can alter the house rules at any time. (Changes may not be immediately updated on this list)

7) Tuesdays are pantless days. No exceptions.

9) If you are ugly, then you are excepted from rule 7.

10) If you have any alcohol, drink it now. Hovik has "issues".

11) When Grin speaks to you, just nod your head and smile. Trust us.

12) See rule 2.

13) Nic is a marshmallow. Really. It's kind of freaky.

14) Chew delicious Take 5 gum when riding OJ's donkey.

15) Don't ever ride the donkey.

16) Chinto only knows two words. We can't get him to say anything else.

17) The Big Bird suit is... legendary.

19) There are no rules 8 or 18.

20) And finally...

Pantless Tuesday!

Posted by Nic Saunders on May 22, 2012 at 1:00 PM Comments comments (0)

No pants required around the house today. Let it all hang out!

(For Kadie)

(Oops, how did this one get in there?)

The (Lack of) Effectiveness of the New Stimulant Items

Posted by Nic Saunders on May 17, 2012 at 3:45 PM Comments comments (0)

The recent update brought many exciting new features to our beloved game. Among these are new "stimulant" items designed to drastically boost a survivor's ability to increase their skill XPs. While survivors were given a free sample of these stimulants (probably with the intent to get us hooked), buying further stock comes at a hefty cost: between 100 and 250 credits per shot! CVC states that they are effective ways to supercharge one's ascent into the upper-eschelon of players, but lets take a closer look before we get ourselves too addicted.

To determine the value of these drugs, we should see how cost effective they are at their function when compared with other credit items. For example, lets use the duel skill stimulant (stim). This stim doubles your duel XP when you fight other survivors. For a set of 10 stamina, you could collect 20 duel XP while fighting favorables instead of the usual 10. Another way to increae your XP to 20 would be to buy a stamina pill. While the stim costs a whopping 250 credits, a single pill only costs 10. Clearly when dealing with such slow dueling numbers, the stim is wildly overpriced and useless. For the same price, a player could buy 25 pills and collect 260 duel XP!

However, is there a time when the stimulant might be more effective than using just pills? What if a survivor wanted to hardcore-level their duel XP in a short period of time. Lets assume that they wished to use and refill their full stamina bar 50 times in one sitting. Under the previous scenario, this would supply 500 duel XP. Normally, this would require the player to use their starting stamina bar and buy 49 pills at a cost of 490 credits. However, if they bought a stim and 24 pills, which would also cost 490 credits, the XP outcomes would be indentical. Any higher of a stamina multiplier beyond 50x would therefore tip the scales in favor of using the stimulant over pills alone.

So it seems that the stimulants may serve a purpose of some kind, but how realisitc is it for a player to want or need to level up that quickly? First of all, the stims only last for an hour. Is it possible for a player to attack that many survivors in such a short period of time? Note that each pill provides an increasingly larger number of stamina points as players level up, so the more likely a player is to have use for such high-octane XP leveling, the less likely they are to be able to fully take advantage of it. Second, we are talking about a minimum of 490 credits that must be used to simply break even. Short of the richest and most devoted players, almost no one has such large stashes of credits sitting around ready to be blown at once. This lack of cost-effectiveness at reasonable use-levels generally renders the stimulants useless except in the most extreme of situations.

Granted, I have only examined the duel XP stimulant here up close, but since all the numbers rely on the multiplier factor of extra drinks and pills (+1) and stimulants (x2), the mathematics to work out the break-even points is not difficult to determine. Healer stims, which also cost 250 credits, would act in the same way that duel stims do. This means that their break-even point is also 50x and 490 credits. Hunter and Scavenger stims would work differently, but indentically to each other as their cost (100 credits) and related function (effective use of energy) are the same. Without considering the "waste" of attempting to refill energy quickly without first dropping it down to 0, the break-even point appears to be 10x and 180 credits. These numbers are significantly more reasonable, yet will still be largely beyond the scope of most player's spending habits.

I hope everyone enjoys the free samples they were given with the update; I expect for most of you, there won't be a second taste.

EDIT: It seems that scientists have discovered a way to increase the potency of the stimulants, as now they last for two hours instead of only one. This doesn't directly effect the numbers as listed above, but it does increase the time that a survivor has to use the large number of pills/drinks required to make the stims worthwhile. It is a minor improvement, but these drugs are still only efficient for the richest and most devoted of players. Stay frosty everyone!

Undead Mother of...

Posted by Nic Saunders on May 11, 2012 at 3:25 PM Comments comments (0)

Well, it's come to this.

Above is an image captured of an ugly new type of walker in our area. Furthermore, it seems that we've received a distress call from a mother and her family. They are pinned down by a swarm of these mother-loving cretins of the undead. The family has food and appropriate shelter for the time-being, so long as they stay put. However, the zombies seem to be scouring local restaurants, bars, and cafes in search of these troubled souls. That's where we come in.

Now, I know we've all given plenty of supplies to this desperate family in the past, but it's up to us to find and dispatch 35 of these horrible abominations before they take out this family or anyone else. For any survivors out there who are mothers, be careful. These creatures have the ability to sense motherhood from over a mile away. In this dark time, we need our mothers more than ever before. We must prevail.

At the end of the recorded transmission, the mother talked of a small weapons stockpile at their location. Once inside, make sure to grab anything useful you can find. Some of these would be nice:

Good hunting everyone, and stay safe!

So, you've survived the Zombie Apocalypse... now what?

Posted by Kadie on May 9, 2012 at 7:55 PM Comments comments (0)

Well, first off, congratulations. You've done better than about 99% of the world's population. You seriously deserve a pat on the back.


Go ahead. We won't judge you.


Just don't get carried away, because you've still got work to do. Between zombies trying to dine on your remaining extremities and scoundrels fighting you for your cash and supplies, survival is a constant struggle. Luckily for you, Hollinwood Cemetery is here to help you out.




Here's the most important thing anyone can tell you about how to play the game: KEEP YOUR DUEL SKILL LEVEL UP TO YOUR PLAYER LEVEL!


(New players: you're going to be tempted to level up quickly in the beginning, especially when there are special missions and weapons to be gained. Fight this feeling! Many of us have learned the hard way that once you get into a certain level range (mid 20s and beyond), and this skill is lacking, you are going to get dueled... a lot. And you will lose... a LOT! You can duel players 5 levels above AND below you, and if your skills are weak, you will be getting a lot of (losing) duel notifications. Having a target on your back is never fun, so avoid this by keeping your Duel skill maxed.)


The fastest way to get your Duel skill level up is by dueling players that show up as 'Tough' on your Duel List, because if you win you get 2 duel points instead of 1 (which you still get if you lose). First, empty your cash and supplies into your safe house or gold/food bars, because odds are you are going to lose these fights. Pick players who have duel scores that are relatively close to yours (within a few hundred points, ideally), and have at it! Keep a list of players who are in your range to make this process easier.


Also, be sure to purchase and upgrade ALL available weapons from the Black Market. Yes, even the kitchen knife. YES, EVEN THE HEDGE TRIMMER! These items influence your duel score, which is based mostly on your duel level, but your weapons and safe house (if you're in one) also play a part. Maximizing this score will help you to win more duels, and not present yourself as an easy mark to other duelers. Upgrade regular weapons first, then do 'special event' weapons, as these have a smaller impact on your duel score.


As your duel score gets higher, you may find it hard to find 'toughs' in your list. One way to get around this is not waiting for heals in between duels- as your health goes down, so will your duel score, and players that were just 'Even' before will become 'Toughs', so you will have more options.


The other reason Dueling is so important is because it's one of the best ways to get cash and supplies in the game. You can win up to 10% of your Player Level, 5% of what you are carrying or 5% of what someone else is carrying in every duel, whichever is less. So, for example, a Level 20 player can win up to 200 cash/supplies, but has to carry at least 4000 cash/supplies in order to win the maximum amount. (200/5%).


Even though Dueling is the most important skill now, at some point Safehouse Wars will become part of the game, and skills like Scavenge, Healing, and possibly Hunting* will come into play. Take this time to get all your skills where they need to be.


(*Right now it's impossible to get Hunting up to your player level, but an upcoming update to the game will allow players to raise this skill WITHOUT gaining XP.)




The maximum number of outposts you can have is 3x your trader level. The more outposts you have, the more cash/supplies you get, BUT the more outposts you have over your trader level, the more you are penalized for it... such is life! It is definitely worth it to have more outposts than your skill level 'allows'. Personally I've found 2.5x to be a good number, but to each their own. In the beginning, you should care more about increasing your trader skill quickly over getting more supplies, so it's recommended to have mostly 3 HR outposts. As your player level goes up, invest in some 24/48 HR outposts to gain cash and supplies. In general you should have mostly supply outposts, as cash is pretty easy to come by by other means (dueling, hunts), and you use it FAR less than you use supplies.




Save those health packs for hunts- if you're hurt, you want another player to heal you. And in order to heal or be healed, you're gonna need some friends! You can do this by posting your Friend Code (FC) into General Chat (GC), or by adding other people when they post their FC in GC. Some people don't like to give out their friend code, others want to have as many friends as possible. The upside to having a lot of friends is that you probably will never run out of people to heal or heal you. The downside is that you cannot duel people on your friends list, so your fighting options may be limited. It all depends on you and how you want to play the game.




Remember all those weapons you bought and upgraded? Here's where you get to use them. I shouldn't have to tell you how to kill zombies- isn't that how you made it this far in the first place? A couple of tips though: for harder zombies (Hulkers, Special Ops, Bloodnose... *shiver*), consider hiring another player. Pick a player who is 5 lvls above you with fully upgraded weapons if possible. You can also create a Foursquare account and log in through that, which will provide you with a 'meat shield' (yes, we're very sentimental in the post apocalyptic world) that can take a hit for you. Make sure you're carrying health packs- THIS is the time when you want to use them. Also, you can get a 15% damage bonus if you tap the area where your weapons show up BEFORE they show up. Doing this with tougher zombies is NOT recommended... we're all still trying to figure out what a 15% bonus on a 'kick' or 'punch' is. A nasty bruise? I don't think that zombie you're fighting really worries about his appearance anymore. And I think his missing arm would hurt more than your sucker punch.


Outside of this, every time you use a weapon or get hit, your weapons or armor gets damaged. Make sure you keep them in shape by repairing them often.



There isn't much to say about scavenging outside of this: don't get caught. Also, keep a few lock picks on you, because you can find cash, duel items, and more supplies in a locked room than you usually find in a regular scavenge.




Ah, yes. Safehouses. One of the best features of the game. You can chose a SH based on where they are in the SH rankings, their members' personality in GC, what level they are... it's completely up to you. Being in a safehouse gives you player bonuses depending on the SH level, and the biggest bonus (if you like the social aspect of PSC) is SH chat because unlike GC, no tokens are needed. Find people you click with and go from there! You can also try to create your own SH, but be prepared, it's hard work. There's a LOT of promoting to be done, and many people have started their own only to leave for an established house. BUT if you're willing to put in the work, you can really make something great. One thing that really helps in this regard is to have a SH with a great name (but don't go creating a fake place on Foursquare- it's liable to be moved to a real location or deleted, which wastes your investment). And it wouldn't be right to end this section without mentioning that Hollinwood Cemetery is currently the #9 SH in PSC with 37 awesome members. Just throwing that out there. The more you know!



You need credits to gain certain items in this game (certain weapons in the black market, energy drinks, stamina pills, additional slots for health packs, extra gold/food bars, and to buy more GC chat tokens). Most of the players in PSC don't pay for credits, or have only spent a minimal amount of cash in the game. There are several ways to get free credits in the Black Market:


1. Daily Log-in bonus. Even if you don't have time to play the game, make sure to open the app once a day. You can get up to 5 credits and $800 cash/supplies per day (after 65 days).


2. Videos/App Downloads (under Earn Free Credits button in Black Market). Watch a video; get a credit. Download an app; get 5. You can only do a certain amount of these a day, but it's a good way to gain credits.


3. Offers (under Earn Free Credits button in Black Market). Some of these are free, others you have to pay for. If you're interested in any of the stuff they're shilling- err, selling- go for it.


4. Tapjoy. Sign up for it. Great way to get extra credits.


Also, now that credits are becoming a larger part of the game, don't waste your credits buying weapons that can be bought for cash.


If this isn't curing your craving for more cowbell credits, then go ahead and buy them. You may want to wait for a sale though- they're becoming pretty regular!



This information should get you going in Zombieland. Above all, remember: this is just a game, so have fun!


How to be a zombie-killing megastar, or, maximizing your horde effectiveness

Posted by Admin on May 9, 2012 at 1:40 PM Comments comments (0)


We've all been there. Just sitting on the front porch of the safehouse, cradling your favorite chainsaw-shotgun in your lap while you sip your recently scavenged bottle of cola; enjoying the fine scent of the freshly dead and taking in the dreary post-apocalyptic sunset. Suddenly, the all-too familiar sound of moaning ruins it all and you look up to find a sea of red eyes in the darkness. Yep, another horde has come to ruin your evening. Guess they're just in a hurry to die again. Lock 'n' load, people, it's time to dig some more plots at the cemetery. Here are a few tips to make sure you spend more time laying zombies into those plots and less time occupying one yourself.

1. Sound the alarm! Posting that a horde has arrived in SH chat and Palringo will let anyone who's out doing other things (dueling, etc.) know it's time to defend the roost. Once mobilized, keep in constant contact so people can coordinate who's currently fighting and who's tending the wounded. Communication is vital in a warzone.

2. Check in to the safehouse! When you investigate, make sure you choose the "Check in on FourSquare" option. This will show you as physically there, providing other fighters with extra cover and free damage on zombies. In a horde, seeing a lot of survivors at the location is an awesome sight and you may actually have fights where you don't take any hits.

3. Hire an ally! For the same reason as the previous tip, hiring an ally will provide you with an extra meat shield and a little extra damage. It's worth noting that you should see who's already logged into the location before choosing an ally, as hiring someone who's already present and fighting won't actually add anything to the fight. They can't be there twice, after all (our cloning technology is not yet perfected, you'll just wind up creating something you'll have to kill out of pity). See what SH members are present, then hire someone who is not logged on currently, or if you're having a hard time finding a SH member not already curbstomping the undead hire a mercenary from outside the safehouse. Simply remind them that there is no more glorious death than falling in battle for the honor of Hollinwood!

4. Quantity over quality! This is perhaps the most important tip. Don't waste energy taking down the strongest zombie, just work on thinning the herd as efficiently as possible. Here's what I mean: Say you are level 30 , your hunting options are going to cost 30, 60, and 90 energy, but the numbers of zombies are going to vary randomly. Sometimes your options will be to take on 4 zeds for 30 energy, 2 zeds for 60 energy, or 3 zeds for 90 energy. In this case it's obvious you'll want to go for the lowest cost option; you take out more zeds for far less energy, allowing you to stay in battle longer; plus you're likely to take far less damage and incur less wear on your armor. Other times you'll see 1, 3, and 6. In this case, going for gusto and using the most energy is fine. But there are times where you'll really have to consider what's the most cost effective. In case you wind up in a 2, 4, 6 situation you might think all options are equal, since if you did 3 of the lowest level at 2 zombies each 3 times, you would use the same energy and kill the same amount as using the highest level once. However, It's just as likely in a horde that you'll find 5 or 6 zombies at the lowest level. Sometimes it's worth using the lowest level in that instance just to get the next hunt option. You may have gotten 6 with 90, but you'll likely find that after your first 2 kill, the next gives you 4, then 3, which means you could have gotten 9 with 90 energy instead. Not to mention that taking on the 6 for 90 will probably but a noticeable dent in your health bar and armor whereas the 2 for 30 you could very easily make it through without getting hit. In my experience sticking with the lowest option yields the most results over time as far as total zombies killed. If you find no good options, like the dreaded 1, 1, 1, leave the location, take a breather and heal for a few minutes, refresh your location list, then jump back into the fray and hope your hunt options have reset. You may need to restart the app if it's being stubborn (if all else fails just take the lowest energy option again to reset your options).

5. Focus on hunting & healing. When the SH is under attack, it is not the time to level your scavenge skills or go about mugging unsuspecting survivors. Use your energy for hunting and your stamina for healing. Keep an eye on your fellow SH members either through the injured list or by looking for medic calls in SH chat. Save those heals for your SH comrades rather than the random GC friends you might have picked up.

6. Finally, energy drinks. If you have them and are willing to part with them, do so. Just try to make the most of your available energy beforehand. If it costs you 28 energy for your lowest level hunt and you're left with 24, just wait the 8 minutes to recharge so you can get one more hunt before using the energy drink. The zombies are patient, they'll wait while you rest for a bit. At this moment, many people are hoarding their pills and drinks (myself included) until the next update when pill/drink use will be rewarded with their own skills. That's fine, use only what you are willing to. After the update though, extra incentive to chug drinks and slay undead!

***New tip taking into account hunt training***

7. Direct that stamina to hunt! Now that Hunt training is available, a new option is available that lets you burn stamina to get those darn zombies off our lawn. This can lead to a tough choice between healing your comrades and taking down a few more zombies. For the purposes of racking up big numbers, we're going to go with hunt training over healing. The good things about hunt training are that 1) the zombies are incredibly weak so you can demolish them without worrying about needing a medpack or picking the most effective weapon at the time, and 2) they usually come in larger groups. Where your hunt options might be 3, 2, 3 at a given time, your hunt training option could be 7 or 8. Of course, this varies as well. It's good to combine this tip with tip #4. If you have an unfavorable number of zombies spread across your options, throw out a stamina point to take a few extra out and reset your options. Generally hunt training will have more zombies than standard hunting, but resist the urge to just constantly go for the big numbers on training. Rather, weigh your options each time and use the training to get a fresh crop when your other options aren't as good. If you get a 5, 2, 4 situation with a training of 6, go ahead and grab those 5 off the recon. Odds are you aren't going to find as efficient an energy:kills ratio as that very often, but training will regularly give you around 6. After you've used all your energy and any drinks, go ahead and just train over and over until all your stamina and pills are gone. The other reason to use hunt training as a "reset" switch and then as a final approach after hunting is that training brings in very little income to the point where you take a loss on repairing your gear. If you wait to do training until after you've run out of energy you'll have a little bit of money saved up already to offset your repair costs, plus you won't run into a situation where you've been hunting and have damaged equipment when you fight a group of zombies you might actually need to wory about. The percentage wear on weapons and armor can have a noticeable impact very quickly!

8. One last tip to keep in mind with the hunt training, and is usually a good idea in any situation: Pay attention to your exp! If you notice you are getting close to a level, stop hunting when you are sure the next fight will push you over. At that point burn through your stamina doing hunt training or healing. If you have an excess of energy, take a break and do a little scavenging, maybe find a locked room to get a little extra money to pay for your repair costs, then wade back into the fray. Levelling will instantly refill both stamina and energy to full, so it's like getting a free drink and pill at once, letting you rack up a few dozen more zombie heads for the trophy room.

Happy hunting!!!

PSC v1.2 On the Way!

Posted by Admin on May 8, 2012 at 11:00 AM Comments comments (0)

From the MDI forums, here: http://forums.pleasestaycalm.com/index.php?topic=2529.0





  - Take your Safe House to the next level with Strongholds!

  - Organize the members in your Stronghold, broadcast messages, increased member caps and more!

Skill Boosters

  - New Stims available in the Market that dramatically enhance your Skill gain temporarily!

Hardcore mode

  - Go beyond Level 51 and into Hardcore territory! No more limits!

New Energy & Stamina Skills

  - Get rewarded for using Energy Drinks and Stamina Pills!

New Hunt Training Option

  - Uses Stamina instead of Energy, gain Hunt skill XP but weaker opponents and no XP gain!



  - New Earn Free Credits screen with more ways to get Free Credits

  - Fixed bug with Outpost distances not displaying correctly

  - Safe house members list now displays injured safe house members

  - Friends List now saves your last view settings

  - Safe house member fees are now primarily affected by member size, upkeep has been increased, maximum Safe House defense has been increased and zombies now damage safe houses by the hour

  - Fixed bug with Missions not displaying accurate completion counts

  - Fixed crash bug when displaying Hunt Results

  - Improved startup times

  - New awesome icon!


Thanks for your support and awesome feedback!


Sounds like a lot of new features are coming our way very soon. This should help us organize as a team and a community to further our goals. I believe this, plus our work on this site, should give us an advantage over less united houses. While we wait, everyone should continue to enhance their skills, especially duel, so we can be optimally prepared for the new wrinkles this update adds to the game. Or, as they say in Global Chat, "go kill stuff!"