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Hollinwood Cemetery trains some of the finest hunters and healers in the world. Collectively, the house's knowledge base is enormous. If you have a question that isn't listed below (and we know it probably isn't right now), send us a message at the e-mail at the bottom of the page and we'll get right back to you with a witty and inciteful answer!

Knowledge is power, and power is survival!

Gameplay Issues

  1. How do I get one of those awesome avatars that all the cool players have?

    Avatars are provided through Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare. Many users have trouble with Facebook avatars, so it is generally recommended that players use one of the other two services. Both Twitter and Fourquare accounts can offer other non-avatar-related advantages in the game, including free credits and specialized hunt locations.

    First log-in or create an account with your preferred website. Apply your desired avatar image as that account's primary image. Inside the PSC app, go into your profile settings, log into your Twitter or Foursquare account, and apply the image as your new avatar.

    In game, having a unique or custom avatar can have special advantages. First, it gives you recognizability. Other players are more likely to notice you in chat, friends, and duel lists. Second, it allows you to identify with your safehouse. Many players apply logos or custom house images to their avatars. Avatars are often played upon for laughs, commonalities, rivalries, and house recruiting. Many players are capable and willing to create custom avatars for their in-game friends.

  2. What are credits and how do I get them?

    Credits are premium currency used to buy adavnced items that can increase the speed of a player's ascent through the game. Credits can be bought in a variety of packages, and well as earned for free.

    The CVC offers a selection of prices for purchasing credits through the app, ranging from as little as $1.99 to $99.99.  Obviously, the higher-priced packages offer more credits per dollar, but they are only for dedicated players. During holiday events, some credits packages occasionally go on sale. Unless a player is desperate for immediate credits, it is usually recommended to wait for such a sale.

    Free credits can be earned in small quantities through a variety of methods:

    1) Daily Bonus - Every consecutive day you log in, you receive a bonus of supplies and cash. Continue to log in long enough, and the bonuses will eventually include credits, up to 5 a day

    2) Facebook/Twitter - Throughout the game, buttons allow you to post messages about PSC on one of these social sites. Once you've logged in, up to 5 credits can be earned a day by posting to either site.

    3) Watch Videos/Download Apps - In the black market, videos and app downloads are sporadically offered in exchange for credits. 1 credit per video, 5 credits for a download. The ability to access these features is limited and restocks occasionally. Check back routinely to see what you can earn. On good days, 20+ credits can be earned a day through this method.

    4) Tapjoy - Also listed in the black market, credits can be earned though free and paid actions on the Tapjoy website. These can include downloading apps, completing surveys, and buying things from other sites. The number of possible credits one can earn is more open-ended here, but earning these credits is generally more time comsuming than other methods.

    All together, it is possible to earn 50+ credits a day for a dedicated player - all without spending a dime!

  3. What is that little picture next to my name in chat?


  4. How do I change my title?


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Safehouse Issues

  1. What is a safehouse?


  2. Safehouses are expensive! Should I start my own instead?


  3. How do I change the admission price of my safehouse?


  4. Can I change the name or location of my safehouse?


  5. How do I get people to join my safehouse?


  6. What is a stronghold?


  7. What is the difference between a leader, officer, resident, and recruit?


  8. Help! There are suddenly thousands of zombies in my safehouse! What should I do?

    First of all, don't panic. Occasionally, hordes of zombies converge on highly populated areas. Some say it has something to do with the noise or the smell of barbeque. Others believe hordes are triggered my large stockpiles of credits. No one has a verifiable answer at the moment.

    When you spot a horde, sound the alarm and gather as many house members around as you can. Together, you can handle them. Take your time and slowly whiddle their numbers away. If you have them, use energy drinks to increase your kill count. The number of zombies is proportional to your house's size, so there's never TOO many zombies to slay.

    For a more in-depth look at hordes and mass-zombie extinction scenarios, please read "How to be a zombie-killing megastar, or, maximizing your horde effectiveness".

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General Strategies

  1. Holiday missions are hard and force me to level up. Are they worth it?

    Yes. More to come later.

  2. How many outposts should I have?

    The answer to this question depends on what you currently want to do. The maximum number of outposts a player can have is three times their currect trader skill level. A player with a trader skill of 10 can have, at most, 30 outsposts.

    As you build more outposts beyond your trader level (as in, more than 10 in the example above), the income generated by each outpost begins to pick up a significant penalty. This is partially negated by the fact that a larger number of outposts has a greater total income base to subtract from (100% of 10 and 50% of 20 both equal 10). Without delving too deeply into the math, the optimum number of outposts, from an income standpoint, is roughly 2.5 times your trader level. Therefore, a player with a trader level of 10 who primarily wishes to increase his current income should build 25 outposts.

    However, each collection of an outpost provides skill points toward increasing your trader skill, and there is no penalty in this regard to having too many outposts. Therefore, having the absolute maximum number of outposts will allow a player to improve his trader skill at the fastest rate, even if there is no extra income gained (or a loss) from those additional outposts. A higher trader skill increases the maximum number of possible outposts (as well as the optimum number), so maxing out on outposts is probably the smartest tactic for a player whose trader skill is lagging behind their overall level.

  3. What type of outposts should I build?

    An outpost provides a player with two things: income (either cash or supplies), and trader skill points.They also vary on how much and how often they pay out these rewards. The type of outposts a player should build depends on what they want to get from their outposts.

    All outposts supply some amount of income at fixed intervals - ranging from every 3 hours to every other day. The longer the time between collections, the more income that outpost provides per period of time. For example, a 3 hour outpost provides 10 income, 8 times a day. This 80 daily income is dwarfed by the 48 hour outpost, which provides 600 average income daily. Although the longer outposts are more expensive, they pay for themselves over time with their increased output. That they also require less maintenance (fewer log-ins and less attention) is also a bonus.

    As for whether supply or cash returns are preferable, that is a matter of opinion. As the game progresses, the demand for supplies increases faster than the demand for cash. For this reason, many players swing their outpost selection heavily in favor of supplies. However, since supplies can be earned through scavenging without causing a player to level (unlike hunting for cash), it is a good idea to have at least some cash income through your outposts.

    Outpost collection provides trader skill points as well. For every collection, a player receives one skill point regardless of the size or type of outpost. Therefore, while the larger outposts provide more income than the smaller ones, they provide fewer skill points. A 48 hour outpost averages .5 skill points per day, while a 3 hour outpost offers 8. For players whose trader skill is lagging behind their overall level, it is worth it long-term to forgo current income gains in order to improve their trader skill as much as possible. The higher skill will eventually lead to more outposts and more total income, and the small outposts can later be swapped for larger ones at little cost.

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Hollinwood Habits

  1. What are "The Rules"?


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